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The Healthy Young People Empowerment (HYPE) Project is a curriculum-based youth engagement program that builds the skills of youth to become a greater voice in their communities. While the curriculum focuses on the policy, system, and environmental change process as it relates to healthy eating and active living, youth are encouraged to use the skills they learn to be lifelong champions of positive change.

The HYPE Project is a five-phased model that enables youth to impact their community by cultivating grassroots support through youth-led campaigns primarily in rural and underserved communities.


Engages youth to think beyond the individual level and consider how one’s community and environment may impact their health.


Allows HYPE teams to report their projects to community stakeholders and peers.


Builds the skills of youth by providing them with culturally- and age-appropriate training, so that they can be effective champions for change.


Evaluates the process and outcomes of the HYPE project to ensure all goals are met.


Identifies, plans, and actively engages youth in a grassroots, youth-led effort to create policy, systems, and environmental change.


Wholespire staff provides HYPE teams with a variety of support. Examples include additional training for youth and adult advisors related to any of the topics in the curriculum, capacity building, budgeting, marketing, action planning, and other aspects of project implementation. Traditionally, all training occurs in person, however, virtual and hybrid training modules are available.

What is The HYPE Project?

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