Wholespire seeks to be a leader in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within the workplace and throughout our community work. We are taking specific action to ensure DEI is at the forefront of work such as: assessing our DEI landscape, adopting and revising policies and procedures with an equity lens, and ensuring our board, committee, and partnerships are representative of the populations our work impacts. We strive to integrate DEI, with a focus on racial equity, throughout the entire organization and within our Wholespire chapters. We hope to influence our partners to take the same action.

Our Aspirations

Accomplishing these DEI goals takes time; however, Wholespire is committed to making positive changes that lead to a culture of health and equitable environments where we live, learn, work, pray, and play.

  • Incorporate racial equity into our organizational practice
  • Promote DEI among Wholespire chapters
  • Increase access to healthy options among health disparate populations
  • Demonstrate our success in racial equity

Our Strategies

Assess and reassess our organizational DEI landscape

The SC Collaborative on Race created several toolkits to assist businesses and organizations with understanding and assessing their current DEI landscape. Wholespire customized the assessment to better suit the organization’s needs without changing the intention of the assessment. The assessment was also customized to fit Wholespire chapters’ needs. Reassessment will occur periodically to ensure the DEI goals are being met.

Train and educate ourselves, including Wholespire chapters, on DEI

Change is difficult. That’s why it’s important to educate staff, Wholespire chapters, and partners on the change topic. South Carolina has many great educational resources, including the University of South Carolina’s The Welcome Table, scholars, The Gullah-Geechee Nation, and specialty consultants. Wholespire will take advantage of every opportunity to provide education and guidance on understanding DEI and incorporating it into everyday practice.

Institutionalize DEI

As policy and procedures that include DEI are established, they will be put into practice. Wholespire maintains a welcoming and team environment that allows staff to address concerns and act as checks and balances to ensure DEI is being institutionalized.


Equity in Action Starter Kit
The Equity in Action Starter Kit was created as a personal toolbox for Coalitions to utilize when navigating the important work of addressing the intersection of racial injustice and poor health outcomes within the community. This starter kit is not “all-inclusive,” but it does offer specific action items to help provide a starting point. Use the content in this Starter Kit to either begin or advance your Racial Social Health Equity journey. The starter kit can also be found through the PEACE Training Series link below.

Equity in Action Starter Kit

Options for Action
Wholespire maintains a searchable database of state and national resources related advocacy, community action, youth engagement, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Options for Action

P.E.A.C.E. Training Series
The P.E.A.C.E. (Promoting Equity Among Communities Effectively) Training Series provided a special opportunity for various SC health coalitions to collaborate and share knowledge, exchange ideas, and gain a better understanding of racial equity in order to better serve communities throughout South Carolina. The main goal of the series was to help coalition members integrate racial justice concepts into their community coalition processes by introducing relevant, actionable tools and frameworks. Three innovative statewide organizations came together to provide collaborative leadership and collective funding for this series: Wholespire, Healthy People Healthy Carolinas, and Blueprint for Health.

P.E.A.C.E. Training Series

Race Equity and Inclusion (REI) Partnership
The REI Partnership is a group of local and state agencies, community organizations and nonprofits, and others who are working to incorporate REI into organizational practice. They have created several free tools and resources to help workplaces institutionalize REI practices.

REI Partnership Resources

Race Equity Resources by Wholespire
Wholespire compiled a list of race equity resources to assist anyone interested in learning more about how to incorporate racial equity into healthy eating, active living community work.

Tools & Trainings to Use in Coalition Work