South Carolina is a geographically diverse state and rich in culture; however, many communities lack resources and opportunities to provide everyone with healthy choices.

As a result, South Carolina has the 12th highest adult obesity rate and the 17th highest childhood obesity rate in the country.

Our solution is our work, which is focused on helping communities plan for healthier environments and create opportunities to access healthy foods and physical activity. This work encompasses some of the following examples:

City and county councils adopting policies that include health components

Farmers’ markets accepting SNAP as a form of payment by customers

The creation of new trails and parks that include wayfinding signs to help patrons safely find their way around

Schools providing healthy food options on campus

Employers providing healthy food options at meetings and events

Churches creating community gardens that supply free, fresh produce to those in need

Eat Smart Move More South Carolina works with communities across South Carolina to plan and implement evidence-based strategies that increase access to healthy foods and physical activity through: