South Carolina is a geographically diverse state and rich in culture; however, many communities lack resources and opportunities to provide everyone with healthy choices. Our solution is our work — helping communities plan for healthier environments and create equitable opportunities to access healthy foods and physical activity.

At Wholespire, we have three primary focus areas on which our work is based: advocacy, community action, and youth engagement. These areas allow us to cast a wide net, engaging with entire communities all at once. From the people who live, learn, work, pray, and play in a community, to the decision-makers, our focus is always to inspire, partner, and engage with all individuals.

In addition to our focus areas, Wholespire recognizes that diversity, equity, and inclusion are instrumental in creating positive change throughout South Carolina. This is why a large part of our efforts include working with Wholespire chapters, community coalitions, and partners to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion, and race equity.