Setting the Standard: School District Wellness Policies – Food Rewards?

York County, SC (Mar. 17, 2019) Effective wellness policies support a culture of health within a school community by establishing sustainable, uniform practices and procedures that make the healthy choice the easy choice for students, staff, and families. Food rewards are not the healthy choice.

Open Community Use Toolkit Is Updated!

SC (Oct. 2018) Schools and communities throughout the state and nation are working together to increase physical activity by allowing free access to outdoor recreational facilities before or after school hours. Learn how you can make it happen in your community – read this toolkit, “Breaking Barriers to Physical Activity through Open Community Use.” Brought to us by SC DHEC and ESMMSC.

Transportation Planner at Griggs Road Elementary School Career Day

Clover, SC (May 18, 2017) Allison Couick Love of ESMMYC’s Active Community Environments subcommittee spoke about her job as York County Government’s Transportation Planner at a career fair at Griggs Road Elementary School. Approximately 175 teachers and students in 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades learned how Allison helps people get to and from the […]

House Bill 4717 will create the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund

SC (March 8, 2016) House Bill 4717 will create the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund, which will offer financial assistance to some farmers impacted by natural disasters, including the flooding that took place in the fall of 2015. The bill includes an appropriation of $40,000,000, and has already passed the House. It now awaits a […]

6 Apps Turning Exercise into Gameplay

(March 8, 2016) Need some motivation to start, continue or amp up your fitness routine? Mobile apps keep you engaged and entertained while exercising. Here’s a list of entertaining health and fitness apps that literally turn exercise into a game. By including gaming elements–points, missions, competition via social media – app developers help people have […]

Cross-Charlotte Trail Could Stretch from Pineville to NODA by 2019

Charlotte, NC (February 28, 2016) Last week, the city and county approved the latest addition to the Cross Charlotte Trail — a short chunk of trail that will connect the end of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway at Parkwood Avenue to 24th Street. Construction on this $1.2 million segment — split pretty much evenly between […]

The statewide map of SC Fruit and Vegetable Outlets has arrived

Information based on the 2015 South Carolina Fruit and Vegetable Outlet Inventory Partners from the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, the SC Department of Agriculture, the SC Department of Social Services, and the SC Association of Farmers Markets developed the SC Fruit and Vegetable Outlet Inventory. The inventory was used to collect and […]