Bike/Ped Project Plans for Residents to Support

York County (Jun. 15, 2019) The Bike/Ped Coalition of York County wants residents to know how to support pedestrian/bicycle projects. Did you know that plans and policies already exist that support York County and its communities becoming more bicycle and pedestrian friendly? But to get them implemented, the public needs to vocalize their support! City, town and county councils need to hear from residents that residents want this work prioritized!

Food Share Program in the York School District

York County (May 29, 2019) The York School District’s Food Service Director discussed their successful food share program, Stop Food Waste, at the April 2019 ESMMYC general meeting. The program is now in its third year and has donated about 24,000 pounds of food to our community! Learn about the program’s origin, school and student participation, and tips for school districts wanting to start a program. ESMMYC would be pleased to support school districts in their food share programs.

ESMMYC Guest Speaker Tom Bell on Biking Initiatives in Rock Hill

York County, SC (Apr. 8,  2019) Rock Hill’s Outdoor Recreation Superintendent spoke about efforts to increase physical activity in the community. Many initiatives target children and focus on the schools. Tom Bell stressed the importance of policies and a built environment that supports safe biking and pedestrian activities to ensure long-term sustainability. Read about current efforts discussed during the ESMMYC April general meeting, and ways to get engaged.

Bike Rodeo and All Inclusive Playground Benefit from 6th Grade Project

Tega Cay, SC (Mar. 31,  2019) Local 6th graders assigned the Pay it Forward project, “to think of an idea for change that helps our community and put it into action,” made an impact. One team hosted a “Bike Rodeo” in which they taught bike safety and promoted a love of bicycling to about 40 preschool and elementary school-aged kids. They also raised funds and awareness for All Play Together all-inclusive playground.

Setting the Standard: School District Wellness Policies – Food Rewards?

York County, SC (Mar. 17, 2019) Effective wellness policies support a culture of health within a school community by establishing sustainable, uniform practices and procedures that make the healthy choice the easy choice for students, staff, and families. Food rewards are not the healthy choice.

ESMMYC’s Wojcik Co-Chairs ActivEarth Task Force – Blog Post

(Dec. 31, 2018) Read about ESMMYC leadership team member’s new role as co-chair of the ActivEarth Task Force. Also see the link to her blog post about investing in active transportation, municipalities, and how that can address air quality, climate change, and health equity.

ESMMYC Letter to Editor: Tega Cay Bike, Pedestrian & Trail Master Plan

York County, SC (Dec. 23, 2018) ESMMYC’s letter to the editor of the Rock Hill Herald – We support the City of Tega Cay’s efforts to create a Bicycle, Pedestrian and Trail Master Plan as an addendum to the city’s comprehensive plan. Documenting and implementing this plan will enhance Tega Cay’s long-term attractiveness, economic success, and community members’ safety and health. The global trend is towards more biking and pedestrian activity, and we have the same demand here in York County. In our efforts to make the healthy choice the easy choice in York County, we know the importance of making biking and walking more accessible and safer in our community.

SC Livable Communities Alliance

SC (Dec. 2018) Join the South Carolina Livable Communities Alliance in creating safe, healthy communities. See which York County mayors have joined the SCLCA to support a state policy that enables streets that are safer, healthier, and more accessible for users of all ages and abilities, regardless of their mode of transportation.