March is National Nutrition Month

What is your favorite food? March is National Nutrition Month, Count Me in to do the Right Thing organization March event, echoes the theme of the American Dietetic Association “Eat Right with Color” choose brightly colored fruits and vegetables. Clinical Dietitian, Mr. Logan Baker is scheduled to be the guest speaker, it is happening: Saturday […]


House Bill 4717 will create the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund

House Bill 4717 will create the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund, which will offer financial assistance to some farmers impacted by natural disasters, including the flooding that took place in the fall of 2015. The bill includes an appropriation of $40,000,000, and has already passed the House. It now awaits a hearing in the Senate […]


6 Apps Turning Exercise into Gameplay

Need some motivation to start, continue or amp up your fitness routine? Mobile apps keep you engaged and entertained while exercising. Here’s a list of entertaining health and fitness apps that literally turn exercise into a game. By including gaming elements–points, missions, competition via social media – app developers help people have fun achieving goals. […]



Last week, the city and county approved the latest addition to the Cross Charlotte Trail — a short chunk of trail that will connect the end of the Little Sugar Creek Greenway at Parkwood Avenue to 24th Street. Construction on this $1.2 million segment — split pretty much evenly between the city and the county […]