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Walkable 101: The Walkability Workbook

Walkable 101: The Walkability Workbook is a free set of documents and slide presentations providing guidance on everything needed to organize community walkability workshops, conduct walkability audits and prioritize changes for a better built environment. The workbook was developed by a team of experts led by the Walkable and Livable Communities Institute, with support from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The workbook is part of a series of walkability tutorials, the Walkable 101 series, which includes several short, educational videos and town-maker’s guide posters.

The walkability workbook includes the following main sections:

  • The Facilitator’s Guide – This section highlights activities that should take place before, during and after a walkability workshop.
  • Educational Slide Presentations– Four slide presentations communicate key concepts and can be modified to reflect specific community needs:
    1. Walkability: Making the Case
    2. Walkability: Principles, Deterrents and Treatments
    3. How to Use the Survey Tool
    4. Practicing Assessment
  • Notes Section –Presentation notes help facilitators use the slides to explain concepts and audit tools, and modify presentations to meet workshop needs.
  • Walkability Toolbox – The toolbox explains key concepts to advance walkability and provides resources for participants to take next steps.
  • The Walking Audit Survey Tool – The survey tool helps participants document their walking audit, and includes an example of a completed survey.

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