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USC, Sumter Coalitions Release Community-Based Walking Group Resources

iStock_000016326446SmallIncreasing physical activity can be as easy as motivating a group of friends to walk together. That’s what the University of South Carolina Prevention Research Center, Sumter County on the Move! and Sumter County Active Lifestyles did in a recent community-based study on walking groups. And now, the materials and strategies developed for the study are available to the public.

Program participants were guided in forming walking groups of four to eight members from their existing social networks. Teams registered with the walking program and identified a leader to participate in leadership training workshops and/or serve as point of contact for distribution of information and materials.  Sumter County on the Move! provided support for walking team leaders that included:

  • Strategies for staying motivated and keeping team members motivated,
  • Tips for overcoming common barriers,
  • Health and safety information and
  • Walking resources in their community

The Sumter County on the Move! walking manuals and materials are now available for download and cover topics such as:

  • Strategies to keep group members motivated
  • Tips on how to set walking goals and track progress
  • Tips for overcoming common barriers, and
  • Health and safety information

Walking maps developed by Sumter County Active Lifestyles to promote walking throughout Sumter County parks and trails are also available and could serve as an example for other areas of South Carolina.
Download the walking group materials from the project here.