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Kids, you’re too smart to skip breakfast!

Article published in the Washington Post on May 11, 2016

By Casey Seidenberg

Casey Seidenberg is co-founder of Nourish Schools, a D.C.-based nutrition education company, and author of “The Super Food Cards,” a collection of healthful recipes and advice.

Dear teenagers who skip breakfast . . . please stop! Studies report that about 25 percent of U.S. teens deem the first meal of the day unnecessary. I live with one of you, so I have heard your reasons. And I respect them, truly I do.

First of all, you are tired. I mean, really, really tired. Too tired to eat, in fact. You are growing like a weed, your homework and extracurricular activities are endless, and your internal clock is shifting — so you naturally stay up later. When you are so fatigued in the morning, the idea of eating breakfast is unappealing. You genuinely are not hungry, and some of you might actually feel nauseated.

Many of you choose to model yourself after your parents, who chug coffee, and coffee alone, in the morning. It’s not your fault; you thought they knew best.

Others think you can maintain or lose weight by skipping breakfast.

I understand this reasoning: I was a teenager once. But could you please take a few minutes to hear me out? Because skipping breakfast potentially positions you to gain weight, lower your test scores and develop heart disease. Yes, seriously.