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Healthy Beverages in School Won’t Hurt Beverage Industry

NWPnutrition_51The USDA recently proposed national school nutrition standards for school vending machines, a la carte in cafeterias, school stores, and other foods sold outside of school meals. If USDA follows the recommendations of the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) and other health experts, nutritionally sound beverage standards in the final regulations should have little to no financial impact on schools or the beverage industry. That’s according to a recently released report by CSPI. The report, The Economic Impact of National School Nutrition Standards on Schools and the Beverage Industry, says schools raise an average of just $0.75 per student per year from mid-calorie drinks, and mid-calorie drinks sold in schools account for just 0.14% of total U.S. beverage sales. In addition, many lower-calorie options (e.g., G2 or VitaminWater Zero) are available.

Get all of the details by downloading the report.