Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice


School Parties, Fundraisers Teach Life Lessons in Living Well

FEBRUARY 7, 2013

parties_fundraisingSchool is out and a biting wind stings their faces, so they hurry, covering what’s been dubbed Mount Monarch in green and orange patterns.

Though at first it may appear that they’re defacing school property, they are instead involved in a new-style fundraiser, adorning the 7.5-ton stone with a message celebrating the first 100 days of one of the county’s newest schools.

Until recently, third-grader Sydney Street and her classmates would have been selling cookie dough to raise money for the Simpsonville school.

But the community made a conscious decision at the outset that Monarch, which opened last fall, would be dedicated to promoting children’s health. And that goes for fundraisers, rewards and parties as well as the food served in the cafeteria.

“We’re instilling healthy habits,” says Jennifer Street, mother to Sydney, 8, and Mac, 6. “We are a health sciences school, so we take it very seriously.”

A new era is sweeping over Greenville County schools. More and more are abandoning activities like fast-food coupons and pizza parties to reward good grades and other achievements in favor of healthier options like extra recess.

They no longer want to teach children, if inadvertently, that cupcakes with mounds of icing and bags of sugary treats are positive messages.

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