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“Columbia, are you ready to lose BIG?

We are excited to embark on #ColumbiaWeighsIn, a three-month health and wellness journey that will not only change the width of our waistbands but will also change our lives.

#ColumbiaWeighsIn is our ambitious goal to collectively lose 25,000 pounds as a city!!  NOW EXTENDED til OCTOBER!!  

How does it work?

Sign up to become a “loser” on our website at and encourage your friends, family members and coworkers to sign up, too.

Throughout the three months, we’ll have periodic “weigh ins” where you’ll report your current total weight loss.

At the end of the three months, we’ll host Columbia Weighs In Day to calculate the total amount of weight we’ve lost as a city.

And, remember, weight loss is more than just shedding a few LBs – it’s about taking better care of the one body you were given and seeing how diet, exercise and healthy thinking can impact the other areas of your life.

We hope to see you lose!


Mayor Steve Benjamin”