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New Report Outlines Physical Activity Framework

Physical inactivity has reached epidemic proportions and is growing at an alarming rate. It poses a major threat to the health, happiness and prosperity of individuals, communities, and nations. Over 70 expert organizations from the field of physical activity have partnered in developing a new report, Designed to Move. The report makes a powerful case for urgent investment in physical activity and lays out a simple plan for collective action.

Designed to Move incorporates many infographics depicting useful data, such as the costs of physical inactivity, economic consequences, how to achieve the benefits of physical activity and how making changes benefit the environment, just to name a few. The partners of this report have collected important information and presented it in a way that advocates and decision makers can clearly understand what’s in front of them.

To see the full report, executive summary, infographics and other great tools associated with Designed to Move, visit their website,