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Make Your Meetings Healthier with a New Toolkit

healthy_meetings250Eating well in our current food culture can be difficult. One way to make healthy eating more possible is to change the food environment to make it more supportive. A great place to start is at work, where most of us spend a lot of time. If work is not a supportive environment, it will make it that much harder to eat healthfully.

This year, to support your own health and that of your coworkers/employees/members, pledge to have healthy meetings, conferences, and events. National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity (NANA) has developed the Healthy Meeting Toolkit to help institutions make this goal a reality. Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina participated on the Healthier Food Choices for Public Places workgroup and helped develop this great resource. The toolkit contains helpful tips on how to serve healthier foods, work with hotels to contract for a healthy conference, talk to a caterer or chef about serving healthier options, integrate physical activity into meetings, and more.

Studies show a strong relationship between the physical and social environments of the workplace and the health behaviors of employees. Nearly half of our waking hours are spent at work, and many of those hours are spent in meetings and conferences. By adopting healthy meeting guidelines, your organization can help to create a supportive environment that helps employees and members eat well and be physically active. Adopting healthy meeting guidelines sends the message that an organization or company cares about its employees and members.