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Lowcountry Community Action Agency is First Gold Medal Non-Hospital Worksite in SC


Lowcountry Community Action Agency (LCAA) has been recognized as the first Gold Medal business in South Carolina as part of Working Well, a collaboration between the South Carolina Hospital Association (SCHA) and Prevention Partners. LCAA was confirmed South Carolina’s only Gold Medal business worksite on October 29th for reaching the highest standard of excellence in providing all staff the access and opportunity to be physically active throughout the workday.

To reach this high standard, LCAA addressed the four key components of a physically active worksite as recommended by Working Well. These components are policy, environment, education, and benefits and incentives. Because of the leadership of Arlene Washington, Executive Director of LCAA, LCCA was able to implement a flex time policy allowing staff to flex their working hours to incorporate physical activity into their workday. LCAA not only implemented a physical activity policy, but also integrated wellness into their organization’s strategic plan. Therefore, one of the agency’s overarching goals is to “facilitate employee wellness programs that encourage healthy lifestyles.”

Washington has also approved providing staff with an opportunity to be physically active at work by implementing fitness and weight-loss challenges, offering on-site fitness classes, allowing the use of a personal trainer as a professional development opportunity, and incentivizing staff to participate in the classes and challenges. Through a partnership with the Fitness Director, LCAA staff has a discounted membership at the Fit Life Fitness Center, where all contract fees are also waived.

LCAA is one of three Lowcountry employers in Colleton County actively participating in Working Well. LCAA received its funding to join Working Well through EatSmart MoveMore SC and a grant from BlueCross BlueShield SC.