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Licensing & Zoning: Tools for Public Health

Licensing and zoning are two policy tools that can go a long way toward protecting and promoting public health.

Both can be used to shape local environments in healthier ways. They can confine certain types of businesses to certain places, and prohibit some types of businesses from operating too close together (or, in the case of businesses like tobacco retailers or liquor stores, from locating too close to places like schools). They can limit the total number of a specific type of business in a community, and they can require businesses to adhere to certain practices.

How can each be applied toward common public health goals, like increasing the availability of healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity? And how can you decide which to pursue to meet your community’s needs?

Download the new fact sheet, Licensing & Zoning: Tools for Public Health, for an overview of both and some guidance to help you identify the strategy that will best advance your healthy community goals.