Please complete this survey!!!

Dear Lexington County Health Partner Member,
In our attempt to identify the health issues and needs of LexingtonCounty the Lexington County Health Partners in conjunction with LexingtonMedicalCenter, have prepared a brief survey we would like for you to distribute to your organization. The link may be posted on websites and in newsletters, or it can be downloaded onto computers in waiting rooms and lobbies.
A similar effort was conducted in 2009, and those results have been incredibly influential in understanding the resources needed in our community. With your help, we would like to survey the community once again to gain a better understanding of how our efforts have helped thus far and to determine what new needs may have arisen in the past three years.
This survey is conducted anonymously and should take approximately ten minutes to complete.  It is our sincere hope that this information will provide a glimpse into the health challenges that families in our community are facing, the needs that they have in raising safe and healthy children, and the strengths that exist within our community.   
Savannah Tapler
Savannah Tapler
Planning Intern
Lexington Medical Center
(803) 936-4186