Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Kershaw County Statistics

Total Population (2000):  58,900

The distribution of Kershaw County’s population is similar to the state population. The majority (34%) of the population is between the ages of 18 – 44, and there aremore females (52%) than males (48%). Kershaw County’s minority population (27%) is lower than the state (31%).

Local Facts & Stats:

Kershaw County has a range of communities with rich historical backgrounds. The county seat is Camden. Other communities within the county include Bethune, Boykin, Cassatt, Elgin, Lugoff, and Westville.  When adults in Kershaw County were asked about their general health status, 87% reported having excellent, very good, or good health in 2008 (SC was 84%).  20% report being current tobacco users, 27% lead sedentary lives, and 64% are overweight. Kershaw County has a prevalence rate of hypertension that is higher than the state rate at 41%.