Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Form a Chapter

Want to become the next Eat Smart, More More Chapter?

Becoming a chapter is simple and rewarding. Many of our chapter were formed through established community groups with common goals, who wanted to use their resources to make a bigger impact on their community. By joining together under the Eat Smart, Move More name, these community groups make an even bigger impact by establishing a brand that community leaders and residents recognize as the go to obesity prevention organization.

How to Become an Eat Smart, Move More Chapter

  1. Contact Eat Smart, Move More SC.
  2. Set up an informational meeting with interested local stakeholders. At this meeting, a Community Coordinator presents on Eat Smart, Move More SC and provides an informational sheet to be completed by the potential local chapter.
  3. Return the completed information and chapter request to Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina.
  4. A Brand Licensing Agreement will be sent to the local contact for their signature. Mail the signed agreement back to Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina.
  5. The local chapter logo is developed and all versions are emailed to the local contact, along with the logo usage guide.
  6. Attend the website training, develop your local website, and keep it updated with local news, media, events, success stories.
  7. Attend a Eat Smart, Move More forum training.
  8. The local contact list will be provided to Eat Smart, Move More South Carolina to incorporate the local members into the statewide database.

Contact an Eat Smart, Move More Community Coordinator today!