Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Public Invited to Vote for Their Favorite Scarecrow!

Scarecrow Contest             Our community gardens are celebrating fall and their fall harvest by having a SCARECROW CONTEST.  The public is invited to help celebrate our community gardens by voting on the best scarecrow. Voting takes place November 15th – November 25th.   The participating Community Gardens are: Black Street […]

HHS HealthBeat: Exercise, diets and knees

Researchers say being physically active and losing 10 percent of your weight can help people with osteoarthritis of the knee. At Wake Forest University, researcher Steven Messier saw this in about 400 people over 18 months. Some dieted, some exercised with walking and strength training, and some did both. The goal was to lose at […]

HHS HealthBeat: Clear eyes

It’s pretty clear. Maintaining healthy vision requires you to apply the same principles to your eyes as you do to your heart health and overall health. Maintain a healthy weight and healthy blood pressure, and eat well. Certain foods are more helpful than others. Dr. Rachel Bishop is an ophthalmologist at the National Institutes of […]


Less Sleep, Worse Eating?

A recent study at the University of California shows that people prefer unhealthy junk food after a sleepless night.


Walking with PAD

Peripheral artety disease patients are setting walking goals to decrease difficulty in their legs

HHS HealthBeat: The oversweetened heart

  Being a sweetheart is a good thing for romance but apparently a bad thing for a real heart. Researcher Heinrich Taegtmeyer of the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston saw this in data on heart cells. Dr. Taegtmeyer says an overload of a product of sugar called G6P created an imbalance in […]