Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice

Project Outline & Photographs

Youth were asked to depict what they think is the most important aspect of tobacco in their community, which may be such things as ease of access, marketing strategies, exposure to secondhand smoke, or litter in the community.

This just makes me disappointed in the way Chester has become. People need to start cleaning up after themselves and start making this community known for good things like recycling, helping the needy, etc. instead of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. To all the smokers around Chester, “What do you think your kids think when you tell them not to smoke with a cigarette in your hand?”






Cigarettes should not be left alone. A small child or teenager could get a hold of them. They could eat them or even smoke them.







This ad for cigarettes depicts a cowboy smoking. It is saying things like, “smoke to be a better cowboy”. This would appeal to ranchers, farmers, and cowboys.













By making the front walls of their buildings glass through, the tobacco, the tobacco industry is doing whatever they can to attract young people. The bright colors and fantasy pictures are all designed to catch the eyes of curious youth and lure them in.






The flowerpot represents our body and what cigarettes can do to it. As more cigarettes are put into the pot, it begins to break and crumble. Cigarettes slowly break down our body and make it hard to function properly.






This is what smoking is doing to our body and the communities we live in. Tearing down the body each day we smoke and destroying the community we live in.