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Chester County Data Walk

The results of the Chester County Data Walk were shared on November 6, 2019. After reviewing and discussing the data, three priority areas were chosen.  Committees are being formed to begin work on the priority areas.

The purpose of the committees are to come up with a plan on how to increase/improve health and/or access for Chester County residents in the priority area. Each committee will come up with a plan and that will be part of the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) for Chester County.

  1. Maternal and Infant Health
  2. Access to Care – Providers
  3. Healthy Eating/Active Living

The posters/foam boards from the data walk are being housed at the Chester County Health Department and can be checked out for events; we have a check out sheet for this process.

You will need to contact Chapel Gregory AND Candra Riley at least a WEEK  before you need the posters. Posters can be picked up two days before your event and need to be returned no later than two days after the event. Unfortunately,  we do NOT have easels or additional foam boards to check out with the posters.

Chapel’s email contact information is GREGORCG@DHEC.SC.GOV

Candra’s’ email contact  information is RILEYCE@DHEC.SC.GOV

Also, additional resources can be found at

2019 Chester Data posters