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Community Indicators Toolkit

Building a culture of health in Lancaster & Chester Counties

“We want to live in a place where all voices matter and where all people have an opportunity to thrive. And yet, in order for all people to live healthy lives, essential resources must be readily available for everyone. We all benefit when residents come together to make our community stronger and more vibrant. We challenge you to expand your definition of what ‘health’ really means. Health is more than what happens at the doctor’s office. It could mean access to quality early childhood education, affordable housing, or having more parks and recreational opportunities. It could also mean building greater social bonds with your neighbors, coworkers, and family. Improving the community’s health takes strong partnerships, lots of time, and commitment. Improving the health of all people means innovative, sustainable changes to our habits, policies, and social systems. We all want to be a part of the solution, and it will take all of us working together toward a shared goal. To address the breadth of community health factors, we not only need people from the health care sector, but expertise from business, education, local government, local neighborhoods, the faith community, and many more.

Partners from both USC Lancaster & USC Upstate have joined together to highlight key indications of health and vitality that can shed light on what impacts all people living in Lancaster and Chester Counties. In addition, this data can help to inform where we as a region might want to improve. ”

Click the link for access to the full toolkit: Community Indicators Toolkit