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Community Wide Health Survey

In 2012, Eat Smart Move More Chester County Coalition applied for and received a Community Transformation Grant, funded through the Healthy South Carolina Initiative (HSCI) in the amount of $12,000. This planning grant helped conduct a Community-Wide Health Survey in the fall of 2013 to obtain citizens’ input on community health issues.  The implementation of these plans led to measurable outcomes. Final results were compiled in early 2014.

Community-Wide Survey Results:

  • Volunteers interviewed 481 residents
  • Top three health concerns identified: Overweight/Obesity (50.2%), Drug use (46.3%), Alcohol use (41.3%)
  • Top three reasons for lack of activity: Personal choice (40.5%), Too tired after working (44.1%), Crime (40.5%)
  • Top three reasons for unhealthy eating: Eat fast food too often (77.3%), Don’t cook at home (66.7%), Too expensive (61.5%)

To view the survey, click here: Chester Final Community Survey Results

To view a summary of the assessment results, click here: Community Assessment Summary