Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice


Cherokee, Union County BMI Studies Show Need for Changes in School Districts

bmiCherokee and Union County school districts participated in a BMI study of their 1st, 3rd and 5th grade students, and results show that obesity is a problem. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control conducted the study in collaboration with both school districts during the 2012-2013 school year to evaluate the healthy weight status of children in Cherokee and Union counties.

In Cherokee County, the percentages of obese or overweight children are: 43% of 1st graders; 51.5% of 3rd graders; and 54.3% of 5th graders. In Union County, the percentages of obese or overweight children are: 37.6% of 1st graders; 47.4% of 3rd graders; and 50% of 5th graders. In both school districts, gender and race differences are present.  More detailed information, including a breakdown by grade level, can be found on the S.C. DHEC District 2 website.

The participation of the Cherokee and Union County school districts is the first major step towards addressing obesity among school-aged children. This data will help school personnel create programs that ensure a healthy environment where it is easy for students to make smart choices regarding eating and physical activity.  Schools can also use the data to measure the success of their efforts.