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Homemade Workouts with Dr.J and TheFatGuy on Total Wellness Tuesday!

Total Wellness Tuesday

Homemade Workouts

Dr. J & TheFatGuy – 3.21.14

Tired of spending money on a gym membership you never use or expensive equipment that ends up collecting dust?  Looking for an inexpensive and convenient workout you can do at home? MUSC’s Dr. Susan Johnson, “Dr. J” and Mike “TheFatGuy” are here to give you some tips on how to get a great workout with things you already have around the house.


Dr. J – Why home workouts can overcome barriers to exercising and can save money: 


Sticking to a regular exercise schedule isn’t easy – here are some barriers that homemade workouts can overcome:


  1. 1.      I don’t have enough time to exercise – when you aren’t trying to fit a gym trip between work and other obligations, it opens up blocks of time for exercising at home.


  1. 2.       I think exercise is boring – find a friend, family member or neighbor to work out with and come up with a different routine every day. Walk around your neighborhood and enjoy the sights.


  1. 3.      I’m self-conscious about how I look – In the privacy of your own home, you don’t need to worry about what to wear or feel self-conscious working out around people who are in better shape.


  1. 4.      I can’t afford a gym membership or expensive equipment – all that’s needed to get a good workout is a pair of shorts. If you have 5 square feet of space indoors, there are enough core and strength workouts to be done with body weight or plyometric moves. No gear, no membership, no expensive equipment required. Go to a park and jog. Go hiking. Add in some creativity. Climb a tree. Have fun. It all comes down to working with what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have.


TheFatGuy – Examples of homemade workouts:


TheFatGuy loves a homemade workout. Just get your mind and heart around it and find ways to Move More!

Door and Chair:

Do holding squats. Open a door, grab the handle on either side. Lean back and, keeping your chest up and your arms straight, squat down. The weight stays on your heels. Your knees stay over your ankles, your rear end is going back. The door is supporting you.

Step up. Find a step or curb that’s about 4 inches high. Step up with your right foot, then up with your left. Then step down with your left, down with your right. Eventually, you’ll want to step on something higher like a chair. Do five with your right leg first, five with your left. Do that three times!”

Do heel lifts. Put your heels together, your toes pointed outward. You’re on the balls of your feet, lowering but not touching the floors. To make it more challenging, put your left foot against your right calf while you lift, then switch. Lift and lower each heel slowly, repeating for 30 seconds.

Do leg lifts. Hold onto the chair or counter for balance if need be. Try to get your foot hip-high without bending your leg. Raise your left leg up and down slowly for a minute, then switch legs. You can also go out to the back and lift them forward.

Push Ups can be done by all. Do them on your knees or start on an incline with your upper body off of the floor using a chair or higher step. If you cannot support your body weight doing a full push up try this to get started.

There are plenty of ideas if you open up your mind and your cupboard! Working out with water bottles or can goods is a quick and easy way to get a workout.

You can even take a piece of PVC pipe to make a weighted bar to use. Fill it with water or sand and cap both ends.