Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice


Let’s Go! SC Initiative Shows Positive Results

Six communities participated in the Let’s Go! South Carolina initiative, implementing strategies across multiple sectors to increase access to healthy foods and physical activity, and have had a huge impact on community health.

Worksite walkability can make a difference

Self Regional Healthcare explores the idea of increasing the physical activity level of the Lakelands workforce by creating safe and attractive walking environments at worksites.

SCHA Working to Create a Culture of Worksite Health

Poor nutrition, physical inactivity, and tobacco are the major risk factors leading to early and preventable disease and contributing significantly to healthcare costs. These risk factors among employees result in higher absenteeism, lost productivity, and increased costs for employers. The simple truth is that unhealthy employees are less productive than their healthier peers. Hospital administrators understand the high cost of preventable illness and disease among the almost 80,000 South Carolinians who work in hospitals.

The MUSC StairWELL Project: Employees Climbing to Higher Health Habits

Health 1st, MUSC’s Employee Wellness Program, is tasked with helping MUSC employees become more active at home and at work. Using a model from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the StairWELL Project was conceived to encourage employees to develop the habit of using stairs instead of elevators.