Community Leaders

Erin Musiol

Coming from D.C. where she worked for the American Planning Association at the Healthy Community Research Center, Erin Musiol has experience in integrating public health and city planning, and understands the importance of active living for a community. She is not only a planner with the city of Rock Hill, but also serves on the Eat Smart, Move More York County Access to Healthy Foods subcommittee, as well as the county bike and pedestrian task force.

Ruby Gibbs Clavon

Since 1978, she has been advocating for people in her community, helping to create new facilities for the disabled and handicapped, which include community gardens to encourage healthy living habits.

Robin Currence and Melody Reid

Since 2011, Robin Currence and Melody Reid have been leading ESMM Chester County in building capacity and community improvements.

Drew Griffin

Drew Griffin knows that a healthier community is a more livable one, and as City Manager he is doing just that for the City of Florence.

Calvin Whitmire

Calvin brings cultural, educational, and nutritional enrichment to students through the Bridging the Gap Advocacy Afterschool Program, where kids can learn about different countries and languages, learn to play basic instruments, how to grow vegetables and live healthy lifestyles, and work on public speaking skills.

Laura Long

Anderson County’s Laura Long, community health educator at the SC DHEC, is passionate about helping low-income families find access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

Jeff Murrie

A Florence teacher at Briggs Elementary is engaging students and the community in the management, cultivation, and distribution of locally-grown food.