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Bilingual ‘Parent Toolkit’ Now Tracks Students’ Health/Wellness Benchmarks

NBC News is debuting a “health and wellness” section of its bilingual Parent Toolkit. The Parent Toolkit, available in English and Spanish, is a website and mobile app that helps parents navigate their children’s academic development, personal growth, and now health and wellness milestones.

The goals of the toolkit, which is sponsored by Pearson, are to give parents a clear understanding of what is expected of their children at each step in their academic and health journey, and to provide a comprehensive set of tips and tools to help parents engage in and monitor their children’s academic development and health.

The new health and wellness section includes: grade-by-grade recommendations for physical activity, nutrition and sleep based on national standards; age-appropriate tips for parents to increase exercise, healthy eating and adequate sleep for their growing children; and printable infographics to guide parents in making healthy choices when reading nutrition labels and grocery shopping.

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