At School

Goal: Encourage, promote and support schools, afterschool programs and child care settings to implement policies and practices that create a culture of health and wellness within the schools that support both students and teachers in living active and healthy lives.

ESMM Anderson County strives to support schools, child care and afterschool centers by activities such as:

1)   Encouraging and supporting PTA’s in developing and implementing healthier fundraisers.

2)   Assisting  in coordinating training to child care providers (pre-school and after  school) to increase knowledge and skills to improve nutrition and physical   activity.

3)   Garnering resources for and promoting  the use of an evidence-based curriculum across all kids runningschool and child care settings (USDA, CATCH, other).

4)    Hosting  forums for networking and sharing of tools, policies, best practices, etc  across all school districts.

5)   Supporting  all school districts in establishing employee wellness programs and wellness  policies.

6)   Work  with Booster Clubs and PTAs to increase healthy options at concessions stands.