Anderson County’s National Healthy School Award Winners


At the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Leadership Summit on September 13th in Washington, DC, five Anderson County Schools were recognized for transforming their environment into a healthier place.  La France Elementary, Pendleton Elementary, Townville Elementary, Riverside Middle and Pendleton High School received recognition for their improved nutrition and physical activity programs.  These programs meet or exceed the standards set by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation’s Healthy Schools Program.  All five schools received bronze recognition for their increased physical activity levels and healthier eating options for students and staff.

photo 4

Some examples of these schools’ healthy initiatives are as follows: At La France Elementary every third week, students gain an additional 50 minutes of physical activity time in grades 3-5.  A six week course called “Healthy Houses” was offered at Pendleton Elementary to educate parents about budget friendly healthy meals.  Pendleton High School offered its students the opportunity to participate in Walk to School Day and the Townville Turkey Trot.  At Riverside Elementary a healthy breakfast is made easy through the healthy breakfast program. Finally, at Townville Elementary students are offered periodic taste tests to involve them in their new healthy menu.

Dr. Joanne Avery, Deputy Superintendent, was honored at the Leadership Summit for her guidance in creating healthier school environments for students and staff.  When asked about why she feels it is important for schools to be part of the fight against childhood obesity, Dr. Avery replied, “As educators, our purpose is to provide learning environments that prepare all students for college, careers, and a successful life in a global society. This responsibility includes teaching young people important healthy lifestyle habits so that they can live their dreams of being contributing citizens of their communities…”


Congratulations again our National Healthy School Award winners!